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Post surgery use

It’s helped after having knee surgery.

CBD Muscle Balm

It eases alot my lower back pain caused by DM , so I'm able to reduce the amount of painkillers I take.

HempWell CBD Capsules 750mg CBD | 25mg Per Cap | 30 Gel Capsules

It doesn’t suits me I got my asthma worst after using CBD oil so I stop using it now

New life ,,,

Only wish I had know about this wonderful cream for joints makes life easier .

Good results

Pain has decreased

muscle cream

Hempwell muscle cream first discovered on a visit to York is a fist rate product to
relieve pain in my Knees from arthritis, it has cooling and soothing effect and offers good pain management.

Pure CBD Oil 1500mg
Mandy Dodds

It was on a suggestion from a friend that I should try CBD oil; I had long standing neck and shoulder muscular pain from old whiplash injuries. After taking it for about 2 weeks, at the recommended dose, I remember waking up one morning, feeling no pain. It had been years since I had felt like that, and I put it down to the oil, as nothing else had changed.

Excellent product and service

I purchased a broad-spectrum oil for chronic pain for the first time from Hempwell and was so impressed by the product and service. The peppermint flavoured oil is effective for debilitating pain and an excellent natural alternative to prescribed medication. Hempwell is an excellent company that cares a great deal about products and customers alike.

Really good for skin conditions

It has been really helpful for calming my eczema and is generally helpful for treating it

Hemp oil

I have recently bought 3000mg of CBD oil. I bought this for my chronic pain. I have increased the dose over the past two weeks and it is early to say that it has improved my pain. I can say that I have received goid response by email with respect to my enquiry but cannot say the same for their 0800 number which is impossible to get to speak anyone

What an amazing product!

I’ve never taken anything to help anxiety before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I started off on the lowest dose for me, and I was pleasantly surprised at how it helped me feel- It made me feel more in control of my emotions, I have tested different doses and have found different amounts help within certain situations.

Pain relief

I suffer with bad arthritis & this certainly helps.

Positive effect

Still early days, but my adult son has crohns disease. After a flare up & medication not working, We decided to try this & he feels as though it has helped. He stated 20-30 mins after taking the oil his pains eased. Will have to take oil for longer to get full benefits, but happy at the moment. Only issue was getting a full pipette, in one go, so needed to take dose in two halves.

Fantastic Massage oil

Smells lovely and glides well. I have used it on a few clients and they have loved it- I have used it on myself and really felt a difference in my pain.

HempWell Deep Relief Cream

I bought some Deep Relief Cream 1000mg because I have problems with my back. I have to say that it does help.
Customer Service excellent. I definitely recommend this company

4000mg cbd

Very helpful relaxing night


This is truly, a miracle worker, helps alleviate the pain and the staff are extremely helpful,

Pure CBD Oil 1500mg
Martin Le Lacheur

I have been suffering with back pain for the past year, tried all sorts of strong painkillers but they wouldn’t touch the pain but now with just taking cbd oil for a fortnight the pain is really disappearing so I’m so happy to have started taking it


I like the product very well.

A result

Took a sample to a friend to use on bursa pain in knee. Used a small finger dip of cream. Result was around 4hrs of reduced discomfort.
From this persons experience turmeric oil of 10 drops to 10ml of carrier oil relief 1-1.5hrs. Ibuprofen gel strength 10% 1-2hrs. Cold compress soothing while in use or warmed up.

The cream did a great job comparatively to the turmeric and ibuprofen above. Hopefully the relief will be as good with repeated use and provide some comfort until treatment. Many thanks to the sales representative who provided the sample this Tuesday. Very polite and informative.

Hod send

Really helps with my husbands back pain

Pure CBD Oil 1500mg
Juliet Brotheridge
Good product

This is a good product. However the dosage advice is confusing . The amount recommended is in grams but the dropper is in mls! Super confusing! Please sort this out.

Yummy Gummies.

Work for me and taste great too.

Hemp oil

I think it's a good oil, however I didn't feel well after 4 days of using it so quite disappointed as I hoped it would work well for me. I will probably try again with a smaller dose and build the way up.