Best CBD Oils for Pain

best cbd oil for pain

CBD oils are a versatile product that can be used to help manage such factors as pain. Even though low dose CBD oils can help to manage pain, it is mainly acute pain they are most effective for. Therefore, for someone who is suffering from extreme or chronic pain, a higher dose CBD oil would be most sensible. When referring to higher dose CBD oils, these include 2000mg and above (2000mg, 3000mg and 4000mg). Other factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing a CBD oil, which include BMI, age and the extent of the individual’s pain. From considering all these different factors, it will be easier to choose the most suitable CBD oil for that individual.

CBD oils are great due to their flexibility of being able to increase and decrease your dosage by choosing a CBD that is of middle range. This is known as the step-up and step-down method. For example, if an individual was taking a 1500mg CBD oil, the option is there to either increase their dosage CBD oil to 2000mg if they feel their dosage is too weak or decrease to 1000mg if the oil is too strong. If you’re not sure where to start, why not check out our CBD dosage guide. It is worth mentioning that CBD oils are available in three different flavours which include, natural, mixed berry and peppermint. People can be deterred by CBD because of its earthy flavour, however, these flavours remove this earthy element which is more appealing to certain people. Our pure CBD oils are almost tasteless without flavouring however as these use MCT coconut oil as a carrier which has a very mild flavour.

In addition, our CBD oils are made from hemp plants we grow ourselves. We also manufacture all our oils here in Yorkshire, at the York Science Park. Thus, all of our CBD oils are locally made here in the UK using our “seed-to-shelf” model!

Our customers love to have explain how CBD is taken for their general health and many people prefer taking natural products over prescribed medication, though we would always advice speaking to your doctor or GP if you are taking medication and would like to try CBD.

“I am delighted with the CBD oil 1000mg and find it very beneficial for my health”

One customer states, with another citing that the oils actually taste great and help with their arthritis!

“Tastes great and helps with arthritis”

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