Best CBD Products for Sleep

cbd products for sleep

Sleep deprivation can be extremely frustrating and is common in most adults. CBD products have been proven to help aid sleep in most individuals, due to its calming and relaxing effects. If you’d like to learn more why not check out CBD and Insomnia.

There are a few different CBD products that are available for sleep. The most popular product is the Sleep Aid Tablets which combine 10mg of CBD, 20mg of 5-HTP and lavender. All of these elements combined are most effective for enhancing sleep. However, there are other products that can be used such as the CBD oils. These are particularly popular for sleep as the CBD oils allow a high concentration of CBD. For example, our lowest dosage of CBD oil is 500mg which contains 16mg of CBD per pipette. So, compared to the CBD sleep aid tablets, with the lowest oil you are consuming more CBD. However, when choosing a CBD product to prevent insomnia, it comes down to personal preference also as people may prefer the texture of a tablet compared to an oil.  Both products can be effective in enhancing sleep, so one shouldn’t be favoured over the other. In addition, when choosing a CBD dose, it is important to consider factors such as weight, height, age etc. This information can be correlated to which dose is best to start with. If you’re unsure about dosage, check out our dosage guide.

CBD capsules are also an effective product for encouraging sleep. Most people prefer CBD capsules if they dislike the texture of a CBD oil. Our capsules contain CBD oil but without the texture and odour of the oil. The only disadvantage of taking the CBD capsules instead of the oils is that they will be digested which essentially means some of the CBD will be lost in this process. Whereas the way the CBD oil is taken, it enters the bloodstream quicker with less CBD lost in the process. However, both are effective methods for helping to tackle insomnia and should be considered when choosing a product for sleep.

When taking a CBD product to aid sleep, the best time to take them is around 20 minutes before going to bed/sleep. This has proven to be the most effective time point to take CBD which enhances sleep. Many people can be sceptical about CBD and its effects when it comes to sleep, but there is scientific evidence for this correlation.

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