CBD and Dance

people dancing

As well as the general benefits for fitness as a whole, the positive effects that CBD can have on a person’s quality of sleep, the amount of pain a person is in and its anti-inflammatory properties are things which can be especially relevant to dancers, both those who dance professionally and those who dance for fun!

As just one example, James Moore, a principal at Pacific Northwest Ballet who has been using CBD in various forms for over four years claims that CBD has helped him greatly. He claims it helps him wake up feeling more refreshed, helps his muscles feel more pliable and that it directly helps with the arthritis he has in the SI joint in his back, and that he’s just generally less sore overall, without having to use “harsh chemicals” he feels some pain-relievers might contain. (12.)

Dancing and sleep

Given the common-knowledge that the body needs restful sleep for proper functioning, it’s no surprise to learn that for any kind of high intensity exercise, sleep becomes especially important. For dancer’s specifically, it has been found that restful sleep is deeply necessary for those learning new techniques or choreography, and that the sleep-dependent motor sequence learning is heavily affected by quality sleep within the first 24 hours after training (1.). 

Not only is good-quality sleep important to dancers, but it is also an issue which can definitely be assisted by the products we sell here at HempWell. Harvard health has found that CBD can help with both falling and staying asleep (2.). This claim further matches the results from multiple other studies we have researched which have found CBD can have positive effects on sleep (3. 4.).

If you’re looking at enhancing the quality of your sleep (for dance or otherwise!) why not check out our Sleepwell CBD Oil, a CBD oil with added valerian and lavender to promote better sleep, or any of our other amazing CBD products!

Dancing and muscle pain

In addition to needing good sleep, much like any other exercise, dancing will commonly lead to the dancer feeling muscle pain and fatigue, especially in the case of professional dancers. Many professional dancers are often dancing for up to 10 hours per day, so it’s no surprise muscle pain is so common within the industry. 

While usually not permanent, as with some other causes of pain, muscle pain can be deeply uncomfortable for the dancer and improper care of one’s muscles can easily make dancing a lot harder, especially if dancing a lot in a short period of time.

Now, where does CBD come into this? In addition to its whole host of other positive qualities, you guessed it, CBD has been found to significantly influence delayed muscle soreness (5.), and that it appears to be an effective treatment exercise induced muscle damage.

In keeping with this research, it will likely come as no surprise that here at HempWell we’ve developed a number of products to assist with muscle pain beyond just our usual, though very effective, CBD oils. For specific muscle soreness we have both our 1000mg max recovery Muscle Balm as well as our amazing 500mg Deep Relief Cooling Muscle and Joint Cream which are both available on-line and in store!

Dancing and arthritis

It is commonly believed that dancers are more susceptible to arthritis than most to arthritis, due to the repetitive nature of their exercises (6. 7.).

Furthermore, based upon the obviously movement-heavy nature of dance, many dancers have reported being diagnosed with and subsequently dealing with arthritis has put a great deal of strain on their dancing career and their lives as a whole(8. 9.).

It’s not all bad news, though! Helping with arthritis is one of the areas where CBD has found to be the most helpful. With proven anti-inflammatory effects and improvements in the pain of arthritis, CBD is a great option for treating and helping with arthritis in general (10. 11.).

Here at HempWell, we have our previously mentioned Deep Relief Cooling Muscle and Joint Cream, which is great for joint pain and inflammation, such as that which is caused with arthritis. In fact, it was the discovery of the beneficial effects with his own arthritis that caused one of our founders, Phil James, to decide to make a start in the CBD industry which in-part led to the creation of HempWell as we know it today!


In conclusion, dancing, much like many other forms of exercise, can lead to a number of issues which can be greatly assisted by CBD and directly by a number of products we produce and stock here at Hempwell. Why not click on one of the products links on our page to find out more? Or visit our ‘Shop CBD’ section to find the perfect form of CBD application for you and your needs.


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