CBD Community Outreach – Oddfellows Goole


We had the pleasure of recently giving a talk with the wonderful Oddfellows in Goole. In this talk we educated those present about CBD including what it is, where it comes from and more. Discussed was the endocannabinoid system (the system in the body that CBD supports) and how this was only recently discovered despite playing such a vital role in our lives. We talked about how CBD comes from industrial hemp and how this differs from the marijuana.

Attendants were also able to learn about HempWell as a company. They learned about how HempWell was started due to Phil’s experience with using CBD for arthritis. As a small operation based out of York Science Park here in the UK, it was a pleasure to share our experiences with our fellow Yorkshiremen and women. We also shared some insights into the farming of hemp, the plant from which CBD is derived, as our CBD oils, creams and more come from plants grown on our farm in the EU. We hope that those in attendance enjoyed learning about the complex process that goes into making each bottle of our CBD oil.

The chance to experience CBD products

We brought along with us some CBD products for everyone to try, which was well received! It was a pleasure to share with everyone the difference between broad spectrum CBD and isolate CBD, which involved a rather fun taste-test! The audience was also able to try a range of topical CBD products including CBD pain creams and CBD face creams – all of which we make in our laboratory at the York Science Park of York University.

Special thanks to a great audience!

This is not our first time giving a talk to the Oddfellows, we did so in York back in 2022, but once again we were well looked after. It was great to meet with the Oddfellows and share experiences and stories and we would like to say a big thank you to the Oddfellows for having us.

We have recently launched our CBD Community Support Group on Facebook, where you can learn more about CBD, share experiences and support other CBD users (and the CBD curious!) so please join if you are able. You can access the CBD Community Support Group here.