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One of the quickest and easiest ways to take CBD, our CBD tablets are perfect for a quick touch-up to your CBD routine, whenever you need it most. With 4 different types of tablet, we cater to your every need, and you can rest assured that your body will be thanking you for taking the time to give it the care it deserves.

Available as sleep aid, immune support, vitamin D or pure CBD tablets.

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£19.99 or subscribe and save 20%
£19.99 or subscribe and save 20%

10mg CBD

Each of our premium tablets contain 10mg of CBD, alongside various other ingredients to give our tablets the specialisation we pride ourselves on. Give your morning routine a new breath of life with a touch of CBD in addition to the vitamins we already offer in our HempWell tablets. For higher doses why not check out our CBD Capsules range.

4 Carefully Balanced Combinations

All of our products contain the goodness of CBD, however our tablets also offer additional benefits to help boost your day up that extra notch. Struggling to get a good night’s rest? Try out our specially formulated Sleep Aid CBD tablets, infused with 5-HTP and dreamy lavender to help you organically drift off into the deep sleep we all need after a long day. Feeling run-down? Give our Immune Support CBD tablets a try and breathe life back into your day with vitamin C and zinc contributing to your immune system. Alternatively, if you’re feeling drowsy, it might be time to get some extra vitamin D into your system - and what better way than to get the additional benefit of our premium CBD alongside it with our Sun and CBD tablets? Of course, there’s always the option to stick with the classic that we know and love, and incorporate our traditional pure CBD tablets into your morning routine. The choice really is yours.

Hassle-free CBD Dosing

Our CBD tablets are great for those who don’t want to fuss over their CBD routine. Each premium tablet comes with exactly 10mg making it easy to plan out your CBD intake throughout the day. Our tablets also come in small, discreet bottles; easy to take with you when you leave the house & give you that extra boost of CBD as and when you need it. If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of CBD in the most convenient way possible, give our CBD tablets a try.

Vegan CBD Tablets

In addition, all of our tablets apart from the Sun & CBD Tablets are vegan - that includes Sleep Aid, Immune Support and Pure CBD! Don’t let your diet restrict your CBD journey; everyone deserves to feel the luxury that our premium CBD is sure to provide you with.

Are CBD tablets as effective as oil?

Tablets offer a simpler, more traditional method for taking a supplement. Tablets and oils are different in many ways. The most notable is that with an oil, the CBD is “carried” by the oil, which makes it easier for your body to absorb. That way more of the CBD enters the bloodstream which ultimately maximises its effectiveness. This effect is further enhanced by the sublingual (under the tongue) taking of CBD oils, which allows entry into the bloodstream faster than by ingestion alone. However, our capsules also contain additional ingredients such as HTP-5 for sleep or Vitamin C to support the immune system. For other convenient ways of taking CBD why not check out our CBD Capsules range here.

Do CBD tablets help with weight loss?

Studies suggest that CBD may help with weight loss. CBD can reduce appetite and help prevent metabolic disorders. The receptors in the body that are stimulated by CBD reduce inflammation and food intake, therefore assisting with weight loss. CBD can also help turn bad fats into good fats, that is to say fats that are easier to break down and burn calories

Do CBD pills make you sleepy?

No, unless you take a really high dose. CBD users generally feel more relaxed, and CBD helps many with insomnia and sleep disorders. Read more about CBD and sleep here. CBD tablets can help your body to achieve its natural balance, making you feel calmer but not always sleepy. Very high doses of CBD can leave users feeling drowsy. The FSA recommends a daily maximum dose of 70mg. At HempWell we have the Sleep Aid CBD Tablets, which are specially designed with added 5-HTP and Lavender to promote better sleep and reduce insomnia.

Is CBD legal?

CBD is legal in the UK. UK regulations state that CBD oil is legal so long as it contains no THC. Our CBD is regularly checked by third party labs to make sure our products are safe and legal. These reports are always available to view on our website, and we’re proud to be one of the first companies to have their products listed on the FSA’s new approved CBD products list. When you buy CBD from HempWell, you can rest assured that you’re receiving high quality, ethical CBD products.

Can I take CBD while on medication?

Always consult your doctor if you’re thinking of taking CBD while on medication.