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We are proud to offer a comprehensive white label CBD program and work with clients of all sizes, from the early-stage entrepreneurs to major brands looking to solidify their foothold in the CBD industry. Bricks and mortar retailers typically choose our wholesale products because it's retail ready, while creating your own brand allows you the margin and flexibility to price and place your product exactly where you want too, at your own pace.


We combine legal, certified products and cutting edge technology to create a product line tailored perfectly to your business. We offer low minimums and for only £500.00 you can start your own collection using the products offered below, without labels. If you want the products made up, ready to sell, complete with your branded label applied by us, no problem, the minimum order is 50pcs per product line with an additional small design fee to put your logo and general labeling requirements together correctly for you.  We can also provide a drop shipping service for your white label products!


The most popular option, to help get you started is the White Label Sample Kits starting at only £150.00, you can taste, test and try our product range before committing to a larger order. 


Have a look at the selection of white label products below and if you have further queries or want to get started, please call 0800 772 0904 or email lisa@hempwell.co.uk 

There are currently no products in this collection.