Does CBD really work?

person questioning whether cbd works

Some people are suspicious as to whether CBD actually does work as sometimes it seems
too good to be true. Others believe the placebo effect is a main driving factor for the effects of CBD.
However, this is may not be the case! Many of our customers believe CBD does in fact work and here is why:

What is CBD?

CBD is famously known as cannabidiol also and is a natural compound in hemp plants. CBD is
sometimes confused with THC which is not the case. CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are
different and can be separated when extracting CBD from hemp plants. Removing THC from CBD
allows CBD to be legally sold within the UK. THC and CBD have vastly different symptoms, mainly
that CBD doesn’t exhibit any psychoactive properties (‘high elements’). Thus, CBD is mainly
associated with calming elements that can relieve different types of psychological and physical

CBD is associated with the endocannabinoid system (mainly CB1 & CB2 receptors), which is
responsible for mood, sleep, appetite, energy, motivation, etc. CBD activates this system by
attaching to cannabinoid receptors within the brain to regulate symptoms. When CBD is reacting
with the body, this can have a positive response to physical and psychological pain through reducing
inflammation, stress and other whole-body benefits.

Does CBD work for mental health?

In relation to mood disorders, CBD appears to be extremely effective to relieve stress and
depressive symptoms. Research has discovered that CBD interacts with serotonin receptors in the
brain in order to increase the amount of serotonin within an individual’s brain. Serotonin is a main
neurotransmitter that can influence emotional states and mood. Having balanced serotonin levels is
necessary to stabilise mood in those with mood disorders such as depression and OCD. In addition,
CBD can relieve stress symptoms by causing a reduction of cortisol levels (Zuardi & Moreira, 1993).
Cortisol is known as the stress hormone which is increased in the ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ system.
Experiencing stress here and there is nothing to be concerned about, however some individuals
seem to live in a constant stressed state, where their fight/flight response is always active. Thus,
their cortisol levels are heightened in day-to-day situations which is affecting their lifestyle.
Therefore, to many of our customers CBD is an effective, natural supplement that can reduce mood disorder symptoms.

Does CBD actually make you calm and relaxed?

Alternatively, CBD can be effective for relaxing and calming effects especially when used for
sleep disorders such as insomnia. There seems to be various reasons as to why people struggle to
sleep at night which range from racing thoughts to physical pain that disrupts sleep. CBD helps to
ease both the mind and body which reduces any pain an individual is experiencing, thus positively
impacting sleep. CBD works most effectively for sleep through working with the hormone melatonin
which helps enhance sleep. Sleep is extremely important in that less/disrupted sleep can lead to
other problems including heart disease, obesity or even depression. Therefore, receiving the right
amount of sleep is extremely important and CBD works great for our customers who take it for this reason.

Does CBD really help you with pain?

CBD is also useful to decrease symptoms for chronic pain. A lot of individuals suffering from
arthritis appear to use CBD to manage their symptoms. CBD acts as anti-inflammatory which helps
relax muscles and joins to ease any pain someone may be experiencing. This again is relating to the
endocannabinoid system. Research has shown that CBD can help with pain caused by fibromyalgia
and neuropathic pain also.

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