How can CBD help in the Winter Months?

cbd in winter

Looking for the very best-of-British made CBD products to help boost your overall health as the winter nights draw in? Or perhaps you have a specific need you’ve heard CBD can help with during winter. At HempWell we have great deals and 100% traceable, organic CBD products to suit all shoppers. For those who love a deep soak to warm up during the cold weather we have CBD Bath Bombs; for those who vape we have a great range of CBD Vapes; and for the beauty conscious we have a selection of nourishing CBD Face Creams!

As the days grow short, and the Christmas lovers among us begin shopping for their beloved, you may be considering purchasing a gift for the hemp-lover in your life – or perhaps you have a troublesome winter ailment, and you’d like to know more about how CBD can help. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and holistic understanding of the hemp plant and its active ingredients, so without further ado, let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into today’s topic: How can CBD help you in the winter months?

Here are the top uses for HempWell CBD products this winter!

Joint Pain

If you suffer from arthritis you might find that symptoms get worse in winter. The increased pain can leave you struggling with even normal, routine daily activities. Fortunately, CBD can help considerably when tackling these troublesome tasks.

Widely-acknowledged anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are fast becoming a go-to solution for those suffering from joint pain. Our customers suffering with troublesome aching joints love our CBD Oils and for those with a particular area needing special treatment, our CBD Pain Creams will help more localised pain – giving lasting relief to a specific area from an award winning product. For the best results why not try a combination of both?


Now the sun is setting earlier and earlier you may be left feeling the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder. This miserable winter condition can affect your overall mood, create feelings of lethargy, and even cause serious depression.

Never fear though – CBD could help! Using CBD Oil Drops daily can help lift your mood with CBD’s mood lifting properties. If you vape, try switching to a CBD Vape for a relaxing, uplifting alternative – by taking the nicotine out of vaping you may feel better in the long run. Or, if you are someone who enjoys a nice warm bath to chase away the winter blues, try one of our foam-tastic CBD Bath Bombs to enhance the relaxation and lift your spirits.


Ever wondered why our skin gets dried out so easily at this time of year? Both indoors and out, the levels of humidity are much lower in winter. This leaves skin dry and irritated, and often in need of TLC. Usually this is most noticeable on our face, and results in a condition HempWell has a great treatment for: CBD Face Cream. CBD is growing in popularity in the world of skincare and for good reason. It’s anti-inflammatory effects along with it’s ability to help the body find it’s natural balance are making waves as a great counter to dry skin or acne.

All-in-all, CBD has many benefits that can help you through the winter pain-free, feeling cheery, and with a glowing complexion. If you have a related issue, or would like to know more about how CBD can help with your specific health problem, feel free to get in touch via our contact section or the chat message function on our website.