Our Hemp farm: How is CBD Made?

Discover how HempWell ensures quality across our CBD products by growing our own Hemp.

How is CBD Grown?

Many hemp advocates love to point out how easy the plant is to grow in a variety of conditions. In the case of CBD, however, this is only partly true. Hemp grown for its fibre is indeed very easy to grow, making it a great eco-friendly fibre for use in clothing and textiles. But how is CBD made? Growing hemp for its chemical compounds is a bit more difficult. Cannabis Sativa, the plant from which CBD is extracted, can be quite tricky to grow if you plan to extract CBD from it for a variety of reasons.

hemp plant. how is CBD made?
CBD hemp plant, but how is CBD made?

How is CBD Made?

The primary difference between growing hemp for CBD and growing hemp for fibre is how hardy the plants are. Hemp for use in clothing and textiles needs to be tough and hardy – you need to turn it into thread after all! The most valuable part of a hemp fibre plant is its durable stalk. The result of this is a very low-maintenance crop which can survive a variety of conditions. 

Growing hemp for CBD is a lot more complicated. For starters, CBD is produced at varying amounts throughout the life of the plant, leading to very short time windows to harvest the plant once it reaches maturity but before CBD levels drop. CBD production is also heavily controlled by plant nutrition, making proper irrigation/feeding vital. This takes a lot of man-power and time!

Lastly, unlike fibre hemp, CBD hemp farmers are most interested in the leaves and buds of the plants, which are much more delicate and cannot be harvested in the same way as stalks. Insects and mould are also much more interested in the leaves than the stalk, making CBD hemp much more susceptible to disease. 

How We Grow Our Hemp

Our Hemp Farm is managed and run by one of our sister companies, Natural Science CBD, owned and operated by our director Phil. We own over 120 hectares of hemp fields in Bulgaria, and grow our crops using EU-regulated seeds. We chose Bulgaria because of their incredibly ahead-of-the-curve legislation on hemp/CBD production. We choose to use 100% organic practices when growing our hemp, as we want our customers to experience something as close to nature as possible.

Once harvested, the hemp makes its way to our biomass extraction facility, where we use supercritical CO2 extraction to ensure unparalleled CBD purity. Once extracted, the isolate heads to our research and development lab here in York, where we use it to manufacture all of our CBD products. It takes a lot of work to get our CBD onto our shelves, but we believe it’s worth every penny! 

Why We Grow Our Own Hemp

With all the fuss that goes into growing CBD hemp, why do we still do it? Two reasons. Firstly, we want to ensure ethical practices at every level of our business. Many companies source their CBD from grey-market distributors without thinking about the impact that has on workers down the line. Unfortunately, the legal cannabis industry is rife with fake products and poor work conditions (click here for more info).

When we started HempWell, we wanted to offer customers a premium, ethical experience. When you buy HempWell CBD, you can rest assured that your experience is safeguarded by our seed-to-shelf model, with 100% transparency at every stage. If you want to see our lab reports, or request a certification of our farm/extraction, click here. Alternatively, contact us with any other queries you have, we’re always happy to talk! 

Our CEO Lisa at our Hemp Farm in Bulgaria

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