How to use CBD Cream?

cbd muscle balm

Using CBD cream is simple and easy. Just massage into the skin over the target area. When you buy CBD cream from HempWell you know you’re getting a quality CBD product. For example, our Deep Relief muscle and joint CBD cream for pain is wonderfully crafted with peppermint and eucalyptus giving it a fresh aroma and granting a coolness to the skin to soothe it.

There are many different types of CBD cream you can use, such as CBD face cream – which is designed for CBD skin care and will aim to fight inflammation and free radicals. If you’re looking to buy CBD cream, make sure you choose a product that doesn’t have harsh chemicals or irritants. After all, CBD skin care is about letting CBD do the heavy lifting. That’s why here at HempWell all of our CBD skin creams have been made using ingredients that work for sensitive skin. We don’t use synthetic fragrances which can irritate skin. We’re cruelty free because we don’t test on animals and all of our creams come with a valid CPSR.

Natural CBD Creams

Our natural CBD creams only use natural ingredients and they’re completely vegan too! We manufacture all of our CBD pain creams, CBD skin care, CBD muscle balm and CBD massage oils right here in our laboratory in York Science Park. This gives us confidence that we have some of the best CBD cream in the UK. Our products are made using our organically grown hemp, which is grown from EU certified seeds on our farm in Europe.

To use CBD cream, simply apply the cream to the desired area. For example, if you are using CBD cream for pain, apply a pea sized amount over the target muscle or joint. For bigger areas you can use more cream. Each HempWell pain relief hemp cream or balm is available in either medium (500mg) or maximum (1000mg) strength, so there’s something for everyone.

How Much CBD is in CBD Cream?

If we use our CBD muscle balm 1000mg as an example. Each pot has 50ml of CBD muscle balm, so if you grabbed a medium-sized scoop with your hand (for example to apply to a larger area such as a leg or the back) you might scoop up around 5ml. This would contain 100mg of CBD, which would be applied to the target area and be absorbed through the skin. It’s easy to buy CBD muscle balm in 500mg or 1000mg from our CBD shop. With natural ingredients and a beautiful blend of essential oils, we believe we have the best CBD muscle balm in the UK. On top of that, we make it here in the heart of Yorkshire using our seed-to-shelf organically grown CBD!

We have plenty of CBD support and guidance available on our website. If you are CBD curious please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0800 772 0508 we are more than happy to help.