Isolate vs Broad Spectrum CBD Oils

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If you’ve been researching CBD (or even just looking at our UK CBD Shop), you might have noticed that CBD oils are often split into up to three categories: Isolate Oils, Broad Spectrum Oils, and sometimes full spectrum oils. But what are the arguments for isolate vs broad spectrum oils, and which should you be using?

CBD Isolate Oils

Our most popular products are our Pure CBD Oils. CBD isolate has had every component from the hemp plant removed apart from CBD, through a combination of processing, extraction, and distillation, and is the purest way you can enjoy CBD, creating consistent results. This means that the only ingredients in our premium bottles are CBD, a coconut carrier oil, and optional flavourings – with 0% THC! With extremely subtle tastes, you can expect a very mild olive oil taste from our natural oils, or a refreshing CBD experience with our peppermint and mixed berry flavours.

Many of our customers enjoy using our isolate oils for stress, anxiety, and sleep – if you’re looking to try CBD for Mental Health, why not start with our 1000mg Pure CBD Oil?

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Broad Spectrum Oils

Unlike CBD isolate, Broad Spectrum CBD Oils contain organic compounds from the hemp plant, blended together to create the perfect natural oil. Containing multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and other naturally occurring components from the hemp plant (but still 0% THC!), broad spectrum CBD oils can have stronger effects than isolates. This is due to the additional ingredients in the oil, and can help with something called the entourage effect…

The Entourage Effect

Many scientists and researchers believe that something called the entourage effect exists, by which compounds from the hemp family act synergistically with each other in order to create a stronger effect than they would otherwise produce. Everyone has different experiences with CBD, and some people find the entourage effect makes a huge difference to their journey, while others find minimal results. It’s worth trying both isolate and broad spectrum oils if you’re interested in the effects naturally occurring ingredients can have on you!

If you’re looking for pain relief or prevention, strong relaxation, or something to help with your general wellbeing, it’s the perfect time to try Broad Spectrum CBD! We also have customers come in looking for help with marijuana addictions who can strongly benefit from broad spectrum oils, as a step down from marijuana, with 0% THC. We recommend starting with an oil such as our 1500mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil and seeing how you get on – if you need help deciding which dosage to get we have created a handy dosage chart which can take you through everything you need to know before buying. Many of our customers enjoy using broad spectrum CBD in conjunction with our Max Strength CBD Muscle Balm or our CBD Massage Oils for the most effective pain relief!

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Full Spectrum Oils

The third type of CBD oil you might have heard of is called full spectrum, and this contains all elements of the hemp plant, including THC. Due to UK regulations, we do not sell full spectrum oils, however we have several customers who have switched from full spectrum to broad spectrum and see no decline in the positive effects they receive. Our broad spectrum oils contain everything your typical full spectrum would, but with 0% THC, therefore decreasing the chances of negative reactions, and making our oils completely non addictive. This also means you are guaranteed to pass a marijuana drug test while using our Broad Spectrum CBD!

If you’re looking for or used to full spectrum oils, why not give our broad spectrums a go – you will probably find they have a very similar effect! If you are moving over from full spectrum, we recommend you start with the same dosage as you have previously been using (some companies use percentages of CBD rather than milligrams; as a baseline, our 1500mg oils are the equivalent of 5%, while our 3000mg bottles contain 10% CBD). If you are struggling to work out your dosage, check out our CBD Dosage Guide where you can find everything you need to know!

Should I use CBD Isolate or Broad Spectrum Oils?

It depends on what works best for you. It’s often hard to know whether you will react better to isolate or broad spectrum oils until you’ve given them both a go.

If you’re completely new to CBD, and aren’t sure what product will work best, we generally recommend that you start with a low dose of isolate oil – it’s easy to take, works quickly and effectively, and tastes of virtually nothing! If you finish your bottle and find you want a stronger effect, you could then consider either trying a higher dose of isolate, or trying a similar dose of broad spectrum.

If you have done some research into isolate and broad spectrum and find the idea of broad spectrum more appealing, you’re a regular or recently ex-cannabis user, or you’re looking for intense pain relief and prevention (for example if you are suffering with a serious condition such as cancer), you might find you get a better experience from starting on broad spectrum oils straight away. 

If you have any questions about specific uses for CBD, doses, or just want a bit more information, feel free to chat to one of our advisors using the chat box in the bottom right of your screen, who will be more than happy to help you with any queries. Or pop into one of our retail stores in Leeds or York to speak to one of our super friendly CBD experts who will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect CBD product for your needs.