Benefits of CBD Patches

skin patch

Here at HempWell we are always striving to help you achieve your wellness goals. One of the ways we do this is by listening to what our customers want. We’ve recently launched two strengths of HempWell CBD Patches and this was largely due to customer demand. We had so many people ask for them! But with so many existing CBD delivery systems you would be forgiven for wondering why so many people want patches, so we’ve written a run down of the top reasons people want CBD in patch form…

What’s the benefit of patches?

  • The skin is the biggest organ which makes it one of the best organs for administering supplements into the bloodstream. With oral supplements, the active ingredient is metabolized (broken down) in the digestive tract, liver and kidneys, which often reduces the efficacy. While topicals also pass through the liver and kidneys, they don’t go through the digestive tract.
  • Lower doses. Because some of the active ingredient may be destroyed by acids in the digestive tract, some people take higher doses to offset losses. Higher doses mean more complications and side effects. With patches, you could potentially take a lower dose for the same effect.
  • Steadier dosing. When you take an oral drug, you achieve a high initial blood concentration of the active ingredient. Then, the levels slowly decline until you take the next dose. With a patch, drug levels are more evenly sustained throughout the day—or even for days at a time. 

What do CBD patches do?

  • CBD Patches provide accurate dosages, and larger quantities of available cannabinoids for delivery. 
  • CBD Patches provide fast and effective delivery of CBD outside the digestive process providing undiluted absorption of cannabinoids into the bloodstream.
  • CBD Patches provide a significantly longer period of dosing, up to 24 hours. Water resistant adhesive stays put to allow for prolonged adhesion to skin surface, promoting long term delivery
patch vs tablet diagram. CBD patches offer easy CBD dosing.

How are CBD patches used?

  • Transdermal – placed directly on the skin  
  • Over a 24-hour period the CBD is released directly into your blood stream 
  • Nothing to do after putting it on 
  • Continues to work even while you are sleeping 
  • Most popular way of taking CBD patches for people who have never tried before due to the inability to take too little or too much