Can CBD replace alcohol this Christmas?

christmas bed

It might sound strange, as CBD doesn’t give any sort of ‘high’, but with people wanting to take care of their health more than ever – is it possible for CBD to replace alcohol this festive season?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that people drink:

  1. To reduce anxiety

Lots of people feel anxious around the holidays – going on dates / pressure to see people and social commitments can all contribute to anxiety, resulting in people having a drink to help them feel more relaxed. Research suggests that CBD can reduce anxiety, with one study showing that it is effective in reducing anxiety around public speaking. A clinical study conducted in 2018 investigating how CBD interacts with people with Public Speaking anxiety, found that compared to placebo, pre-treatment with 300 mg of CBD significantly reduced anxiety during the speech. If CBD can help reduce anxiety around public speaking, then it could be effective in helping someone get through a family dinner!

  1. To help them sleep

There are numerous reasons why people might be finding it hard to sleep over the Christmas period. Research suggests that CBD can help people with their sleep and we have had lots of customers anecdotally telling us it helps them sleep. Therefore, it makes sense that instead of reaching for alcohol on a daily basis which could result in ongoing health issues, it could be gentler on the body to reach for a CBD supplement instead. Made from all natural ingredients and organically grown CBD, HempWell products make a great choice for those wanting to invest in their wellbeing.

  1. Mental Health Issues

Alcohol can provide a mental escape from one’s own mind, which is why some people may drink alcohol in an attempt to “self-medicate”. However, people with mental health issues can experience extreme effects from substance use. This could even lead to co-occurring disorders. Taking CBD to find balance and mental clarity has been a great alternative to alcohol for many of our customers.

  1. For social reasons

Lots of people drink to be social, but if you replace alcohol with CBD then you can be calm and relaxed in social situations while remaining fully present. Not drinking also allows you to be the designated driver this Christmas. What better gift then to make sure all your friends get home safe?!

Of course CBD does not give the same effect as alcohol when consumed, but for those health-conscious people concerned about their alcohol intake, it may be a good option to replace alcohol for CBD in certain circumstances.

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