CBD Vape Frequently Asked Questions

cbd e liquid

Here at HempWell we always want to equip you with information so that you can make the best decisions for your health. We have compiled a list of all the most frequently asked questions about our CBD vape and e-liquids and put them together in this handy post:

Q. Why vape CBD?

When vaping, CBD will enter the bloodstream through the lungs. This results in higher bioavailability (your body absorbs more of the CBD) end effects occur much quicker with vape than with CBD oil.

Q. Can I put Nicotine in my CBD Vape E-liquid?

Yes, although we wouldn’t advise this as you may limit the wellness benefits of vaping CBD.

Q. How do I control dosage with CBD vape?

A 1ml tank filled with our 1000mg CBD vape E-liquid will contain 33mg CBD. This is equivalent to a medium daily dosage and may last anywhere from 100-300 puffs depending on your usage.

Q. How much CBD is in a puff of vape?

Estimated 0.2mg CBD per 2-3 second puff (100 puffs per 1ml).

Q. How will it affect my vape tank/coils?

It is recommended to vape CBD at a lower temperature/wattage than regular e-liquids. This will limit the impact of crystalline CBD on your vape tank/coils, which can cause more wear.

We would advise doing your research, or speaking to a member of our team, to learn more about CBD vape.

Q. Where do your e-liquids come from?

We manufacture them ourselves at our state of the art facility in York Science Park, so we are confident in the quality of our vape products.

Please keep in mind that CBD oil tinctures should not be vaped. CBD oil usually contains coconut oil or other oils, which should not be inhaled or smoked. Our CBD vape e-liquids have been developed specifically for vaping and intended for this use.

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