HempWell Muscle & Joint Cream Wins Award

cbd award

We are pleased to announce that after a rigorous selection process, Origym’s Personal Trainer Courses have just named Hempwell’s Max Strength Cooling Joint and Muscle Cream one of the 15 Best CBD Oils For Pain Relief of 2021. OriGym has shortlisted 15 of the best CBD products for pain currently available in the UK, and has named Hempwell’s pain cream as one of the winning products!

Listed among some of the best CBD brands available in the UK, we are proud to hold a place in the top 15 CBD products specifically for pain relief. Our award-winning joint and muscle cream has been formulated to provide targeted relief to sore and painful areas to benefit both athletes and our arthritic customers. 

What did they write about us?

As an impartial reviewer, we are thrilled with this glowing recommendation from Origym:

As one of the best selling topical creams on the market today, the HempWell Cooling Muscle & Joint Cream has been known to provide instant relief to users, due to the creams’ fast absorbing nature. 

The HempWell Cooling Muscle & Joint Cream is traditionally used as CBD oil for back pain, however, it can be applied to any targeted area for an effective treatment. To use, simply apply to whatever area feels most painful and ease into relaxation as the discomfort slowly disappears.

This vegan-friendly joint cream is incredibly beneficial, especially for those who suffer from any long term pain. Not only does it provide fast acting relief, but HempWell has also designed a 12-month subscription method, ensuring that your bottle will be replenished every month at a 20% discounted price! 

If you are someone who values the opinions of others when purchasing products, you will be pleased to know that the general public has met this product with nothing but positivity. As HempWell’s site clearly states, this Muscle & Joint CBD Cream has been applauded for its easy to apply nature and overall effectiveness in tackling the issue of pain.

Furthermore, reviewers have also pointed out that the delivery process is fast and efficient, so regardless of where you are in the world, HempWell’s Cooling Muscle & Joint Cream will reach you. 

If you would like to get your hands on our award-winning CBD cream for your sore muscles and joints you can find both strengths available here.