What is a graduated pipette?


A graduated pipette is a pipette with its volume, in increments, marked along the tube. It is used to accurately measure and transfer a volume of liquid from one container to another. Along the body of the tube are graduation markings indicating volume from the tip to that point. A small pipette allows for more precise measurement of fluids.

HempWell include a graduated glass pipette with all our CBD Oil Tinctures. We believe that a graduated pipette is essential for accurate dosing and yet many CBD brands do not include one. Our pipettes can accurately measure anywhere between 0.2ml – 1ml of oil.

Being able to measure dosage accurately helps to know exactly how much CBD has been ingested, this is useful to keep track of so that you can establish how much CBD is your ideal amount. It may also make CBD more affordable, by helping you not take more than you need. It might be more cost effective to take a smaller amount of a stronger oil.

What is step-up dosing?

Step-up dosing is what we recommend to all new CBD users to help them establish how much CBD is the right amount for them. We recommend you start with a low amount such as 10 or 20mg (dependent upon weight and severity of condition) and gradually increase the dosage over several days or weeks until you achieve the desired feeling. For this method to work it is essential you know how much CBD you are taking and keep track of it.

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, that’s why we include a FREE dosage journal with every first-time order so that new customers can keep track of their dosage for the first few weeks. We recommend you start with an oil because, thanks to the graduated pipette, you can increase your dosage by tiny amounts unlike single-dose units such as capsules or tablets. You don’t have to stick with the oils once you have worked out your step-up dosage. If you work out that your ideal amount of CBD is 25mg then you know you could take 0.5ml of 1500mg Oil, or one 25mg Gummy, or a 25mg Capsule for example.