About HempWell & The Team

Innovation Centre at York Science Park

Our Offices and Laboratories

Hemp Well Limited was setup in 2017, one of the first CBD companies to operate in the UK, and has been based out of the Innovation Centre in York Science Park for the last 3 years. 

From our offices we deal with the daily fulfilment of online orders and have our sales, marketing, technology, accounts and customer service teams available every day. Please feel free to call us on 0800 772 0508 if you have any questions or queries and we also welcome you all to pay us a visit anytime.

In our separate production laboratories, me manufacture our products and performs testing and product development. We make a wide range of both edible and cosmetic CBD products and if you would like to come and visit the lab please email phil@hempwell.co.uk.

HempWell Directors

HempWell CEO Lisa McWilliams
lisa mcwilliams

Lisa, who is the CEO of the business, was previously a corporate communications specialist. She has worked for a variety of investment banks as well as Fortune 500 companies. Her last position was with Imagination, a global creative agency and her most recent assignment as a freelancer has been working with Deutsche Bank on their Asian-based global events.


Lisa now runs the business on a day to day basis and is on hand to answer any queries on CBD and the collection of products available at Hemp Well.

HempWell Founder Phil James
Philip James

Phil first got involved with CBD in 2015 as Head of Global Business Development at Bridge Capital, a US Investment Firm, where he was directly involved in the funding of US businesses in the medical marijuana and CBD sector. He started taking CBD in 2016 to help with his chronic arthritis in his knees courtesy of an overly long passion for playing rugby and found the additional benefits of better sleep and reduced stress.


Phil has grown over a million CBD-rich plants in the last 4 years and also manages the production laboratory. He plans the product development strategy and also looks after the white label operations.

HempWell Team

Fulfilment Manager
Claire Nunez

Operations & Finance
Luke Stone

Production Manager
Rebecca Durrent

Retail Manager 
Isabella Dunning

Graphic Design
Georgie Snowling

Piotr Biegasiewi