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Welcome to the CBD Knowledge Centre

Everything you wanted to know about CBD is right here. We want everyone to be able to access information about CBD in easy-to-understand language without any scientific jargon. If you are CBD curious, we answer the 20 most commonly asked questions. If you want a deeper dive into how CBD works with the body we have in depth articles and we have a blog dedicated to the latest news and research. 

Quick links to our Top Posts:

Latest CBD News

The articles below contain the latest research into CBD. This is where we keep you up to date on the newest developments into scientific research. To read the back catalogue of blog posts you can read them all in our blog.

CBD and Homeostasis

We explain how CBD can impact bodily processes to achieve balance or homeostasis.

Can CBD help with PMS?

We look at the multiple ways that CBD could help people suffering from PMS symptoms.

Women and Anxiety

Women are almost twice as likely to have an anxiety disorder as men, this article looks into why and what might help.

How does CBD Work With the Body?

Our Latest Questions and Answers -.

We are always getting asked questions about CBD by our customers so this is the first section section in our CBD knowledge centre. You can see all our most commonly asked questions by visiting The Most Commonly Asked Questions About CBD

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