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We pride ourselves on being one of the most transparent CBD companies in the UK and for those customers that are interested, we regularly send out products for specific batch testing. Typically we will test for CBD content and other cannabinoids to ensure your products contain the correct amount of CBD that we say on label. Different testing methodologies and variations in equipment do mean that test results may vary between laboratories but typically will will only work with a variation of plus or minus 10%. Our latest product tests can be seen below.


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Hemp Well Limited is a member of the European Industrial Hemp Association and Partner in the Novel Foods Consortium.

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Latest Product Reports

Below you can see the latest reports on our products tests. We typically test one product from each batch produced so the products are associated with an internal batch number. We use a number of different laboratories to test our products including Adact Medical, Eurofins and Phytovista. Our typical test will check for the different cannabinoids content in the product and we are primarily concerned with the levels of CBD and we work with a 10% margin of error. To see the test results click on the test title and click again to close the test results..

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