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Refer a friend, enjoy rewards

We’re so grateful to our wonderful customers who have recommended HempWell to friends and family, so we’ve created an affiliate program as a way of saying thank you.

It’s simple and easy to get started and you’ll earn rewards every time someone purchases with your link. Everyone you bring into the HempWell family will get 15% off their first order!

Interested? Sign up below or read on to learn more about the HempWell CBD Rewards Program.

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How does it work?

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Sign up to gain access and get your exclusive referral link.

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Share your link with friends and family to direct them to the HempWell website.

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Earn rewards every time someone places an order.

It’s super easy to share your link, you could text it, send it over What’s App or Facebook, or even email to someone you think could benefit from CBD. They’ll enjoy a whopping 15% off their first order and every order they place will earn you rewards – not just the first!

You’ll earn 10% of the order value as a reward, which you can spend at HempWell. Read further down the page to learn more about rewards.


Anita loves CBD and is a part of our affiliate program. She runs a vegan café and encourages her friends, family and customers to try HempWell by using her link:


Barry wants to try CBD based on Anita’s recommendation and places an order after finding the site through Anita’s link. Barry enjoys 15% off his first order.

Anita earns rewards every time Barry places an order, even if he doesn’t use her referral link in future.

After collecting rewards from just a few orders friends and family placed using her link, Anita earns £30 in store credit which she uses to purchase a Hydrate and Nourish CBD Face Cream she had been dying to try.. and she didn’t have to spend a penny!

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Your referral link

Anyone who makes a purchase on the store after using your referral link will be attributed to you and you’ll earn rewards. You can share your referral link with anyone.

To view your referral link, go to your affiliate dashboard in My Account. You can click on your link to copy it.

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You’ll be able to see how many rewards you’ve earned at any time by looking at your My Account section.

You’ll automatically be gifted store credit every time a sale is made through your link. You can view these store credits in the Coupons section of My Account, and you’ll also see them in the checkout, so you won’t miss a beat.

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What support is available?

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If you have any questions about the program or want to know how you answer common questions people may have about CBD, please reach out to us. We are always happy to support our family and are excited to have this opportunity to give back to our wonderful customers who might already be telling friends and family about CBD!

Another great way to get support, share your own experiences and learn more about the world of CBD is by joining our CBD Support Group. This can be a great vehicle for affiliates to give advice and understand what kinds of questions people have about CBD. You may find that having an understanding of where people need support or have questions will allow you to better support people on their CBD journey.

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Rewards Program FAQs

If someone purchases a monthly or bi-monthly subscription using your referral link, you’ll enjoy rewards on every repeat order . For this reason we would encourage you to tell those you share your link with about subscriptions, as it’s great for both parties.

Terms and Conditions

When a customer visits the site using your referral link, they will be attributed to you for 12 months. Any orders they place in this time will be attributed to your referral and you’ll earn rewards based on a % value of these orders.

The % value earned as a rewards is based on the order value of the products. This does not include shipping. If a discount code is used for the order, the % rewards is earned based on the total order value of the products, not the total RRP.