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Unwind and indulge yourself with our range of luxury CBD gummies, with 100% natural & vegan ingredients. Easy to carry around in your bag wherever you go, you can rest assured going about your day with the help of HempWell gummies on hand whenever you need that extra boost!

Comes in three delicious flavours; apple, pineapple and strawberry, with each pot containing a selection of these top-quality gummies.

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Up to 25mg CBD per gummy

Get your CBD fix in a delicious way with our CBD gummies. With two different dosage options, you can have as much control as you like over your CBD intake - from a subtle boost with one of our delicious 10mg CBD gummies, to a stronger wellbeing touch-up with a melt-in-your-mouth 25mg gummy, ready to take whenever you need it most. With the options to control your intake as much as you like, you can easily reach your 70mg recommended CBD limit throughout a day, all by indulging yourself in a sweet & sugary treat! CBD is also great at encouraging healthy digestion, making our gummies great for dessert.

Treat yourself to a luxury product

Here at HempWell, we believe that everyone deserves to treat themselves with luxury. Whether you’re a long-time CBD customer or have never even heard of it before, it’s never too late to start your CBD journey & treat yourself. Gummies can be a perfect way to bridge the gap between trying CBD for the first time and incorporating our products into your daily routine - and with the ability to take them as and when you need them, it’s a great way to really observe the difference CBD is making to you and your lifestyle in a controlled manner.

Flexible & dependable

Worried about the day ahead? Pop a pot of our CBD gummies into your bag as you leave the house, and you can go about your day assured that we are here to help. Our gummies are sugar-coated, meaning they can also help to boost your energy levels should you be feeling lethargic or tired. What better way to leave the house, knowing you have a quality, lab-tested product right by your side whenever you need it.

Do CBD gummies work?

CBD gummies are a fun and effective way to get your daily CBD dosage. Because the gummies contain sugar it may be recommended to take them in the morning to aid with general wellness, help fight mild pain or improve focus. They are likely less effective than one of our CBD Oils at treating insomnia because of the sugar content.

Do CBD gummies expire?

Like all foodstuffs, CBD gummies don’t last forever. However due to their nature as a sweet they have a longer best before date than most perishables. Moreover, they are able to protect the CBD over this period. Our CBD gummies are good for around 12 months from manufacture, and you can always check the BBE date on the bottom of the jar.

Are CBD gummies better than oil?

It depends on the person and their circumstances. CBD oil taken sublingually (under the tongue) will enter the bloodstream quicker and more efficiently than gummies, which are absorbed through digestion alone. Additionally, because our CBD oils do not contain sugar, they are better for conditions such as insomnia. However, gummies are a delicious and fun way to get your CBD dosage. Both our CBD gummies and oil make dosage control easy, but to learn more you can visit our dosage guide here.

Are CBD gummies addictive?

CBD gummies are not addictive (unless you really like sugar!). CBD is non-addictive and non-psychoactive. Although you may still find yourself wanting a second gummy.. They’re just that delicious! Our gummies are also vegan friendly and each premium glass jar is filled with 3 wonderful flavours. For a luxury CBD treat, why not check out our CBD Chocolate Truffles here.

Are CBD gummies halal/vegan?

Yes. Our CBD gummies are made from 100% plant-based ingredients - they are vegan and halal. Additionally, CBD has no psychoactive or intoxicating properties.Check out our full range of vegan CBD products here.

Is CBD legal?

CBD is legal in the UK. UK regulations state that CBD oil is legal so long as it contains no THC. Our CBD is regularly checked by third party labs to make sure our products are safe and legal. These reports are always available to view on our website, and we’re proud to be one of the first companies to have their products listed on the FSA’s new approved CBD products list. When you buy CBD from HempWell, you can rest assured that you’re receiving high quality, ethical CBD products.

Can I take CBD while on medication?

Consult your doctor if you’re thinking of taking CBD while on medication.