Luxury CBD Skincare

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Scientifically formulated to reduce dryness and inflammation, our luxury HempWell CBD skin care range is packed with natural origin ingredients and our organically grown CBD to give lasting results, even for very dry skin. Our CBD face creams can be effective in helping with acne and other skin disorders. For CBD creams aimed at tackling pain, see our CBD Pain Relief here.

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Tailored to your needs

At HempWell we know that everyone’s needs are different, and this also holds true for skincare. Whether you are suffering from dry, cracking skin, painful eczema, redness, or something entirely different, we’ve got you covered. We offer 3 unique products in our CBD face care range, as well as a carefully curated mango body butter, produced in 2 different dosages to suit every skin type & need.

A range of moisturising facial creams

We offer 3 unique facial creams to help every one of your skin needs; read our product descriptions and reviews and decide which suits you best! With all of our face creams coming in a 50ml bottle/jar, we’re more than just a week-long phase for your skin.

If you’re looking for a general moisturising face cream, you may want to opt for our best seller, the Rescue & Revive Face Cream, containing 300mg of our organic CBD. Perfect for skin prone to dryness and redness, our CBD has anti-inflammatory properties which soothe & nourish your skin, leaving it feeling soft and rejuvenated. This velvety, non-greasy CBD face cream is the perfect addition to your morning and evening routines to ensure that your skin remains happy the whole day. Our premium product is also fragrance-free, so no need to worry about allergies or flare ups as a result of harsh, unnatural additions to our formula.

Fight try skin with CBD

Suffering from extra dry skin? It might be time to try our Hydrate and Nourish Vitamin E Cream, infused with 500mg CBD. Specially formulated & blended with Vitamin E, this super creamy face cream is the perfect answer to your dry & sensitive skin - CBD for dry skin has never looked so good. Simply pop a pea sized amount of our premium cream on just before you leave the house & just before bed to ensure that your skin never has another dry or painful moment. Not only is our Hydrate & Nourish cream fragrance free & non-greasy, but it is also suitable for vegans & organically made. It really is the perfect solution to very dry skin.

To learn more about CBD skin care, and how CBD can help various skin disorders, head over to our knowledge centre here.

CBD for Anti Ageing

As we go through life, our skin ages & changes to suit our new environments - at HempWell we think your skin looks great no matter your age, but if you’re looking to reduce the appearances of wrinkles & creases, why not try out Anti-Ageing Day Cream with Rosehip. Completely paraben free, this soft day cream gently protects, restores and replenishes your skin using the power of 500mg organic CBD, as well as Rosehip oil and Crypthecodinium Cohnii Extract, a revolutionary ingredient proven to slow down the rate of the ageing process from within your skin cells. Non-greasy, super creamy & using completely natural ingredients, our anti-ageing cream is the perfect addition to your morning routine, to ensure you leave the house feeling refreshed & ready to conquer the day ahead of you.

Up to 1000mg CBD infused luxury body butters

Needing a more all-rounder CBD skin care product? Indulge yourself with one of our creamy CBD body butters. Infused with a delicious mango aroma, our exceptional butter is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised, alongside protecting your skin as you go through your everyday routines. Giving you options of 500mg or 1000mg, the choice is all yours as to how much CBD you want in your system through our topical butter. Lather yourself in refreshing 500mg CBD body butter, and feel the gentle cooling & relieving effects of our premium CBD working its way into your system, or opt for our stronger 1000mg CBD butter to really take your pain away, while still treating yourself to a luxury experience.

Our CBD body butters not only soothe sunburn but also help enhance tanning, protecting against dryness & peeling. Apply before or after a swim for the perfect multi-purpose product - a protective layer that won’t leave your skin feeling sticky or oily.

Made in Yorkshire

At HempWell, we’re proud of our Yorkshire roots. All of our CBD products are produced right here in our lab at the York Science Park, right by the University of York. Our flagship store sits a mere stone’s throw away from York Minster, and our Leeds shop sits in the heart of the city centre. We source most of our ingredients from local Yorkshire suppliers too, so supporting HempWell, you’re supporting local Yorkshire businesses as a whole!

100% Organic and Vegan

Our CBD products are made from 100% organic, plant-based ingredients. We grow our own hemp, so we decide how it’s grown! Hemp can be tricky to grow commercially, and many farmers resort to harsh pesticides and synthetic fertilisers, but not us. We choose to grow our hemp organically - not just to protect the environment - but to ensure our products are truly exceptional. Taking CBD is an investment in your wellbeing, so make sure you choose high quality! Check out our full range of vegan CBD products here.

Quality & Artisanal

To ensure that we produce the best quality CBD oil, we blend our oils in-house and hand-fill each bottle. Our state-of-the-art lab in our headquarters at the York Science Park allows us to create a product of exceptional quality. The CBD industry is unfortunately plagued by companies using substandard practices and ingredients to save money, but not us. We believe in quality over quantity, and think that everyone deserves the chance to reap the benefits of premium quality CBD. Our customers agree: click here to see reviews!

Ethically Sourced

At HempWell, we strive to offer customers the best possible CBD experience, and that includes ensuring honest business practices at all stages of production. All of our hemp is sourced from our very own farm in Bulgaria, with complete EU certification and regulation throughout. Even nowadays, many CBD manufacturers source their hemp from exploitative farming operations in developing countries, but not us. We’re proud to operate on a seed-to-shelf model, with all of the CBD used in our products being 100% sourceable and ethical. Find out more about how we grow our hemp here.

Is CBD skin care good for acne?

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and can help the body balance the correct amount of sebum which can help to treat acne. Learn more about how CBD interacts with skin disorders here.

What is CBD face cream?

CBD face creams are topical creams infused with cannabidiol (CBD). CBD has many advantages for the skin due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Its role in helping the body to balance itself can also help your skin to correctly balance oil production, helping with skin disorders such as acne. Here at HempWell we endeavour to make our face creams with as little ingredients as possible, we believe throwing more ingredients into the mix can disrupt your skin. For CBD cream designed for pain relief, see our CBD pain creams and balms here.

Can you use CBD face cream for spots?

CBD face creams can be an effective treatment for spots due to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of CBD. CBD also helps the skin to balance the correct amount of sebum, the chemical responsible for acne breakouts. Visit our knowledge centre to learn about CBD and skin disorders here.

What are the benefits of CBD body butter?

Our CBD body butter can be used to hydrate and nourish the skin while delivering important vitamins like A, E and F. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of the infused CBD can also help the skin to achieve its natural balance and stay healthy. In our CBD body butter we use a range of organic antioxidant-rich butters that also help to fight free radical damage.

Does CBD have anti aging properties?

CBD can help to slow down collagen loss. This alongside its antioxidant properties make it an effective anti aging compound. It can also help to balance hormones and to help you maintain glowing skin. Our body butters contain Monoi de Tahiti, which helps to fight the signs of premature skin ageing and penetrates deep down the skin to re-hydrate the layers of the epidermis and protect against daily environmental aggressions. Both CBD and Monoi de Tahiti help to fight free radicals, which cause aging and cell degradation.

Where do you get your CBD from?

Our CBD is extracted from hemp grown on our farm in the EU. We extract our CBD from our own hemp farm. This ensures we are compliant with regulations and allows us to trace where our sustainable, organic raw materials come from.